Explore the region.

Mont St Michel, 25km
This breathtaking monument of international interest, once famous for religious pilgrimages, still attracts visitors from all over the world. Wander through the tiny winding streets that lead up to the Abbey and then admire the fantastic views of the bay. The tidal flow in the bay is vaste and the sea goes out leaving up to 10 km of bare sand. When the tide turns it is said to race back faster than a galloping horse. Then the Mont St Michel returns to an island and regains it mystical and enigmatic beauty.

Mont Dol
Mont Dol provides a fantastic panoramic view of the whole bay as it stands on its own 65m above sea level in the marsh of the Mont St Michel bay. It is well known for the famous legend, which tells of the conquest of the Archangel St Michael over the Devil. After a long fight the Archangel manages to vanquish the Devil and trap him in the rock of the Mont Dol for eternity. There are also some beautiful and very old chestnut and linden trees and a mill that is open to the public in the summer.

St Malo 22km
A walled pirate town buffeted by the the wind and the sea. Home to pirates and adventurers throughout time it attracts mariners and adventurers to this day. The boats preparing for the famous Route de Rhum sailing race all rendez vous here every four years. It is a great place to wander around and soak up the flavour of mariner life.

Dol de Bretagne 5km
This small medieval town is famous for its one long street of varied architecture, some of the oldest in the vecinity, the Rue du Stuart. It has a vibrant and fun market on saturdays which really brings it to life and a vaste and imposing Cathedral de St Sampson. Well worth the visit.

Cancale 15km
This small fishing town enjoys a sheltered position and outstanding views of the bay of Mont St Michel. Famous for its oyster farming throughout the world it has a great atmosphere and many delicious restaurants where you can eat mountains of seafood!

Dinan 23km
This town has been classed a town of Artistic and Historical importance. It is a little gem, with windy, cobbled roads leading through streets of beautiful, medieval, gabled buildings and little shops selling one off and interesting goods. It also has its own little port on the Rance. A great day out for whole family.

Combourg 15km
Famous for its massive fairytale Chateau where Chateaubriand the famous writer spent some of his youth. It is easy to understand why he was led to write in the romantic vein when you experience the sombre and brooding atmosphere of the place. The little town is charming and there is a lovely lake to stroll around after a good lunch in one of the many restaurants.

Cherrueix 3km
The nearest beech and one of the best places for Char a Voile or sand sailing.

Dinard 20km
An extraordinary town famous for its British atmosphere. It was frequented by many Britons throughout the 19th century when they returned from the colonies. They built seaside villas in the style of the time and started the trend of bathing in the sea. There is also a wonderful art deco golf course, one of the first in France and a Casino!

D Day Landing Beaches. 50km
At Avranche you can visit the Scriptorial, a small but interesting musuem which houses the manuscripts of the Mont St Michel . After that you can continue exploring the rest of the coastline that stretches up to Cherbourg and round to Deauville.

Rennes 40mins away
The capital city of Brittany. A lively city full of young people due to the large number of Universities and Colleges. It has many quirky shops and good restaurants and even an Opera House. It is home to a wonderful bottanical garden and some really exciting music festivals of many different genres.